Ask anyone — I am a huge nerd. Ever since I can remember, I have loved school and learning. But, I’ve also always been ashamed to admit this. Now, a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree later, I find myself still a nerd, and still loving to learn. But who says I can’t both be a nerd and have other interests — more specifically, interests that make me happy, like fashion, food, cute animals, and anything else pretty or fluffy?

I started this blog after years of toying around with the idea, but feeling hesitant because it seemed like the overwhelming consensus was that I was pursuing a career with which my interests were drastically misaligned, and therefore, I should keep my interests to myself. But I think this is wrong. Just because I’m a medical student whose days primarily consist of studying doesn’t mean I can’t have other interests.

So, this is my blog. What I wore, what I cooked/ate, what inspires me, what fluffy animal makes me laugh… And in between, my life as a perpetual student and an aspiring physician (currently a second year medical student). I created this blog for others like me — students, scientists, fellow aspiring health professionals, etc. — who love to learn and study as much as I do, but also like to get away from the books once in a while for their dose of fluff.