One step closer to summer and M3

It looks like this could be the last winter outfit of the season, because according to the weather forecast, we’re finally going to be getting some real spring weather now that we’ve hit April! I’m excited for the snow piled up curbside to finally melt, but I’m also glad I sneaked in one last winter outfit.

Getting closer to spring and summer also means closer to third year! This is really exciting but also really scary. On one hand, I am so excited to finally start seeing patients and looking forward to learning a ton on the wards from real life experiences. On the other hand, I know this comes with immense responsibility as we’re now dealing with real people and real patients.

So far, medical school has been filled with lots of PowerPoint slides and books. It has seemed like a never ending stream of information to memorize. I can’t say that I’m not excited to finally leave the classroom and lecture halls and get to (hopefully) put the knowledge I’ve learned in the past two years to practical use on the wards, because after all, I came to medical school to learn how to treat patients, not how to develop my memorization skills (also this has definitely happened over the past two years)! But what has helped me tremendously in pushing along when times got rough during the pre-clinical years was reminding myself that as overwhelming and stressful as studying could get at times, it’s important for me to actually learn so that I can have more knowledge that will help me become a better doctor in the future for my patients. This attitude was particularly helpful for me during anatomy, which was extremely memorization-heavy and thus, stressful for me, because I’m not the best at memorizing. I’ve always done better in subjects that require more logical understanding of the material (pharmacology is proving to me a huge headache for Step 1, yikes!). I told myself that I shouldn’t view studying as a miserable activity but rather, something that I should actually try to learn well so that it can be the foundation upon which I accumulate more knowledge once I get into wards so that eventually, everything I learned in the 4 years of medical school will help me become a great doctor. I think this is a good attitude to have for everyone who feels like their pre-clinical years are an endless abyss of studying.

I only have a few short weeks left of classes before we get dedicated study time for the board — so scary but so exciting at the same time! Beginning third year clerkships is something that every med student looks forward to so I can’t wait to see what it’s like and experience all of its highs and lows (I already know I’ll miss my mid-day naps!). So here’s to spring, putting away these double coat outfits (can’t believe I had to wear two coats in April!!) and getting one step closer to third year!

Tahari coat, Gucci purse, J Brand jeans, J. Crew top, Aldo booties, sweater from Parisian boutique, Eugenia Kim hat

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