Back to school


I used to hate vacations and loved going back to school. Although almost two decades of schooling later, I’ve now grown to love and enjoy vacations, I still feel the same exhilarating flutter of excitement when school starts again in the fall that I used to feel in my childhood.

This fall’s return to school is bittersweet because it meant the last summer vacation of my life had come to an end. On one hand, starting second year of med school is very exciting because this means learning more about clinical aspects of medicine and becoming closer to rotations third year, but on the other hand, I also have an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and dread now that I can no longer look forward to extended two+ month long vacations ever again. I almost feel like this marks the beginning of adulthood?!

To mark the last back to school after a long summer break, here I am in the truest portrayal of my daily student life. Forget about heels, no one needs to wear heels when all you do is go to class and then to the library! I’m most often seen with a large thermos, my oversized tote full to the brim (and probably weighing 15 pounds, which most definitely can’t be good for my back?), and probably with a slightly flustered look on my face. (One suggestion I have, though, is that while the off the shoulder top is trendy and cute, it really is not the most comfortable to wear when you’re trying to write or type a lot! doesn’t allow for much arm extension!)

Mustard Seed top, Paige denim jeans, Cuyana tote, Ivanka Trump flats

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