The value of free time

I spent the 4th of July weekend in Cape Cod, and had an amazing time. It’s funny, because I really don’t think I understood the value of free time until I had so little of it left. I was really busy in college (as most pre-meds are!) but I feel like how I choose to utilize my free time has changed through the years. Now that I spend so much of my time studying alone (I’m not a big group studier!), I find that I crave time spent with loved ones, whereas in college, all I wanted to do was wind down in bed, napping and watching TV (although I still like to do that after a long day from time to time). I’m more conscious of the precious little free time I have available and more selective about what I do with this time. I make more of an effort to plan ahead so I can feel like I’ve used my time well. I’ve found that this has become a necessity when a lot of times I can get so caught up with school and other busy work that I forget to keep in touch with my long distance friends and family, which is something I had vowed never to do and try to avoid as much as possible.

This past weekend was a nice, nature-filled weekend which was a warm welcome from the hustle and bustle of NYC and my usual days filled with computer screens and books. I used to be relatively ambivalent and maybe even averse to nature, but somehow I’ve evolved to find that a good getaway is one filled with lots of nature and exploration. I spent the first day of my weekend at the Heritage Museum and Gardens where I got plenty of peace, quiet, and greens, and even got to try a little bit of a Sound of Music re-enactment, much to the embarrassment of my boyfriend. Overall, I was extremely appreciative of this three-day weekend, especially since I know I might not get many more 4th of July’s off in the upcoming years!

Susana Monaco dress, Bloomingdales’ Aqua hat, Swarovsk necklace, Schutz sandals, Givenchy bag




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