A little garden fun



On Friday, a few med school friends and I visited The Met Cloisters for a Met Fridays wine tasting event and it finally felt like summer! The first two weeks of summer break were a little more stressful than expected with setting up my research project and a ton of meetings and projects to tend to for the free clinic I’m involved with, so it was nice to finally spend some time with friends and relax.

One rule I made for myself during this first year of med school was to strictly compartmentalize my time, which meant that I tried to divide my time between studying, extracurricular obligations, and fun. I really wanted to focus only on those things during the specific times I allotted myself for them. Probably the most important part of this is that I’m strongly averse to talking about school when I was hanging out with friends during my “fun” time. This is just my own way of keeping sane because if I didn’t do this, I would probably always be stressed and constantly be thinking about school even while I was supposed to be relaxing and having fun (but I also know other people operate the opposite way by talking through their stress – to each their own! An important part of med school is finding what works for you!).

My rule was very much in effect on Friday. I was curious to hear about my friends’ research projects, but I ultimately wanted to move away from our collective tendencies to begin stressing once we got into “work” talk (understandably, there are a lot of type A personalities in medicine, me included, so we all have a tendency to worry about things!). The wine tasting was so perfect with such a gorgeous backdrop of the beautiful grounds of the museum, and we all had a wonderful time relaxing and momentarily forgetting about medicine.

Top and skirt from Zara, Gentle Monster sunglasses, Mansur Gavriel bucket bag 

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