Nerds can be fashionable, too




The first post! It’s been a long time coming, but hello, blogosphere! Even though I’ve had the blog name set and have been wanting to start the blog for months, if not years, now, I was too scared to actually begin it because 1) I didn’t know if I would have the time 2) I didn’t know what I would write about 3) I was worried no one would read it. I finally mustered the courage to start the blog because I figured that now that it’s summer break (my last one ever!), it’s now or never.
This blog is an outlet for my hobbies and interests outside of what I do the majority of the time, which is to be a full time student (as I have been non-stop for 20 years now) in medical school. I love school — clearly one of the reasons why I’ve chosen a career path of lifetime learning, and I have wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. But I’ve also always had interests completely unrelated to my academic passions, namely fashion and style. I was always confused (and frankly a little offended), however, when people would react with shock that I wanted to be a doctor. “You don’t look like a med student” or “Do you really study that much? You don’t look like you do!” are common phrases I’ve heard. Some people have told me I should be flattered by this because it meant that people thought I didn’t look “nerdy, “but what does that mean to look like a nerd? Why can’t I be a nerd just because I love pretty clothes and putting together outfits is my way of taking fun study breaks? Why is it that there is the expectation that smart, studious people can’t have interests or hobbies outside of studying?
And that’s the other reason I started the blog. I wanted to show that medical students (or any other type of student or individual in an academic field!) are people, too. Yes, I spend most of my time studying and learning to be the best physician I can be, but I’m just like anyone else, with hobbies and interests and a need to let loose and have fun and just be human. The thought that doctors aren’t regular humans and have a singular, career-minded focus is a dangerous one that has been highlighted by the shockingly high rates of physician suicides and the extreme pressures that comes with being in the medical field (please read this NY Times article). We’re held to such a high standard and expected to be perfect in so many aspects of our work that it’s easy to forget that we’re human too, and I strongly believe that pursuing hobbies that make us happy outside of medicine will make us happier individuals and consequently, better doctors. So, here’s to the beginning of this blog that helps remind me to take a breath once in awhile to pursue my other passion outside of medicine (fashion!).
Trendy bell sleeve top (endless rose) paired with some edgy ripped black jeans (Paige). Unfortunately I’ve learned bell sleeves are not great to study with because you may lose a few note cards in the huge sleeves… 

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